The tutorial, led by Friederike Moltmann and Robert Matthews, will examine a range of topics that fall within the intersection of linguistic semantics and philosophy of mind. For each of the topics examined, the tutorial will provide an overview of both the current debate and philosophical views regarding this topic and the relevant research in linguistic semantics. This overview will be followed by a seminar-style discussion.

Materials from the tutorial: Friederike Moltmann’s handout1 and handout2, Robert Matthews’s handout1 and handout2.

Topics for the morning session:

  • Propositions, specifically the main theoretical motivation for introducing them, plus the problems of unity, cognitive access, and truth-directedness (Moltmann)
  • Propositional attitudes (and other mental attitudes) and the semantics of attitude reports (Moltmann & Matthews)
  • Phenomenal experience and the semantics of their reports (Moltmann)

Topics for the afternoon session:

  • First-person-oriented genericity and the semantics of the generic ‘one’ (Moltmann)
  • Knowledge how, knowledge that, intellectualism, and the semantics of ‘know’ (Matthews)

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