Here are presentations, hand-outs and posters from SPE6. Materials from the tutorial can be found here.

Chernigovskaya, Tatiana (St.Petersburg U / NRC “Kurchatov Institute”). Human development: From mirror neurons to cerebral basis for social cognition and languageDownload.

Collins, John (U East Anglia). Vacuous quantification and free variables: historical and speculative reflections on LF. Download.

Cosentino, Erica (U Calabria). Can context overwrite the lexicon? An EEG study on affordances and telicity in the meaning of nouns. Download.

Egan, Frances (Rutgers U). How to think about mental content. Download.

Gehrke, Berit (U Pompeu Fabra) and Cristina Sánchez Marco (Gjøvik U). Different by-phrases with adjectival and verbal passives: evidence from corporaDownload.

Gersel, Johan (Copenhagen U). Objective reference and Evans’ hybrid view of singular thought.

Hinzen, Wolfram (ICREA, U Barcelona / U Durham). Grammatical meaning and the interpretability of Case. Download.

Hodgson, Thomas (U St.Andrews / Arche). The existence of propositions and our access to them. Download.

Horowitz, Amir (Open U Israel). Experimental philosophical semantics and the real reference of “Gödel”Download.

Köder, Franziska (U Groningen). Pronoun interpretation in direct and indirect discourseDownload.

Križ, Manuel (U Vienna). Two kinds of truth-conditions. Download.

Krzyžanowska, Karolina (U Groningen). Inferential conditionals and the meaning of some epistemic modalsDownload.

Lasnik, Howard (U Maryland, College Park). Levels of representation and semantic interpretation: some recurrent themes. Download.

Lin, Jing, Fred Weerman, and Hedde Zeijlstra (U Amsterdam). Emerging NPIsDownload.

Matushansky, Ora (Utrecht U / CNRS / Université Paris VIII). Sorts of namesDownload.

Meier, Thomas (U München). Structural realism in Generative Grammar.

Paducheva, Elena (Russian Academy of Sciences). First-person- and third-person-oriented genericity in RussianDownload.

Partee, Barbara (U Massachusetts, Amherst / Moscow U). Challenges to compositionality as a driving force in the history of formal semantics. Download.

Partee, Barbara (U Massachusetts, Amherst / Moscow U). Psychologism and anti-psychologism in the history of formal semantics. Download.

Rattan, Gurpreet (U Toronto). The cognitive reality of propositions and the measure theory of mind. Download.

Reichard, Ulrich (U Durham). The grammar of propositions. Download.

Sæbø, Kjell Johan (U Oslo). Lessons from descriptive indexicals. Download.

Schiffer, Stephen (NYU). Linguistic competence and knowledge of meaning. Download1download2.

Sebastian, Miguel Angel (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México). Foundations for a metasemantic theory of de se contentDownload.

Sennet, Adam (UC Davis) and Robert May (UC Davis). Linguistic theory and the object of interpretation. Download.

Slioussar, Natalia (U Utrecht / St.Petersburg U). Experimental investigation of number and gender features. Download.

Soames, Scott (U Southern California). What are propositions? Download.

Spychalska, Maria (U Bochum). N400 and P600 effects evoked by scalar implicature. Download.

Umbach, Carla (ZAS). The semantic and the pragmatic dimension of statements about matters of taste. Download.

Werning, Markus (U Bochum). Compositionality naturalized: Between mental symbols and embrained simulationsDownload.

Westera, Matthijs (U Amsterdam). Inquisitive pragmatics: entailment as relatedness. Download.

Zaefferer, Dietmar (U München). Conditionals and counterexamples. Download.

Zevakhina, Natalia (Higher School of Economics). Standard-shifting in the adjectival domain: corpus evidence and discussionDownload.

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